Creative design



Today, advertising on the Internet as well as owning a Web site is part of every company, but it is also important for all individuals, therefore, I put emphasis on quality, professional and modern solutions that meet all current trends and standards.


I do not copy templates and other web sites, each of my solutions is the original!


We will create your corporate identity, which will set you apart from your competition by being perfectly presented on the Internet, printed materials and other advertising media.

How is such a design created?

The important fact is, what is initially task for design from the customer, how much space is there for designing a completely original design.

The work is very individual. At the beginning mostly comes first idea to try to encourage identity of the company and its standards. Usually I do 2 to 3 designs

After consultation with the client and selecting the appropriate design we would continue to develop other materials. If it is a corporate design, then it’s, business cards, envelopes. When the job is to work on the website, I wuld proceed with an analysis of existing sites, creating wireframes, design and then the actual implementation of the Web.

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